Bonnie on the Internet


I am a postdoc at Department of Information Studies, specialising in creating and promoting re-usable meta products for longitudinal data across the UK. My background is in architecture and computation, and I hold a PhD from the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). More about my PhD topic here. My doctoral research quantified the relationship between migration, demographic change and housing over several decades across England and Wales. It has had a direct policy impact. Parts of the project have been presented as parliamentary evidence to the House of Lords Built Environment Committee (10.01.22).

I am interested in understanding Demographic Metabolism - the socio-spatial processes in which populations are shaped, and themselves shape their environment - using mixed data science methods. This is important for understanding how population stocks are produced, primed and processed in cities and the built environment more generally. I am also a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and active member of the Population Geography and GIScience Research groups. I fancy maps, maths and making.

I also like to share what I do through teaching, talks and collaborations. Here are some places that’s taken me:

In my spare time, I cook, dance and write art/culture reviews. You can find some my reviews for the London Student here and Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge Uni here.